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You’ll feel calm & confident about your construction project with us on your side.
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A building is born

A Building is Born

You’re excited about your new building. We’ll protect your interests and help you finish the project successfully - from design to ribbon cutting.

Let us take care of it.

We’ll bring over 45 years and over $500 million dollars worth of project management experience to your construction project. Plus, we know (almost) everyone. Our relationships and industry knowledge mean fewer unwelcome surprises for your project.

We’re specialized,
so you don’t pay more for less.

We are project managers every second of every day. Since we are specialized, you’ll get the best experience at competitive rates.

Every construction project has challenges.

When we prevent just one change order, save one week of delays or catch a single mistake, your return on investment will be worth many times the initial cost (peace of mind included).

Building is a risk you're ready to take...

Ballooning costs, scope creep and missed deadlines are not. We'll be your eyes and ears on your project, so you can get back to work.

I don’t know why we ever tried to do this on our own...
- Client

We are your eyes and ears in the field. We work tirelessly to provide peace of mind and to ensure the success of your project. A Vigilant project is not about “us versus them,” but rather, “together we succeed.” We collaborate with you and your stakeholders to ensure all aspects of your project are cared for.

Once you came on board, things started to make sense.
- Client

Vigilant Management specializes in Commercial and Industrial Project Management. We work with both private and commercial companies to ensure project goals are achieved, deadlines are met and budgets stay on target.

Headed by Lloyd Hussey, a recognized and respected leader of the Newfoundland and Labrador construction industry, Vigilant Management employs a knowledgeable group of professionals. As a team, we bring together expertise and extensive experience in:

  • Business & project management
  • Private & public infrastructure management
  • Residential & commercial construction
  • Real estate development
  • Technology management
  • Engineering & fabrication design

We are dedicated, educated, and most importantly, experienced in what we do.

Recent Projects

  • NLC, Re Roof
    NLC Central Warehousing Facility, St. John’s
  • Inco, Long Harbour Camp
    Vale Inco Camp Accommodation, NL
  • NLC, Mount Pearl
    NLC, Mount Pearl
  • Sobeys, Riverview
    Sobeys, Riverview, New Brunswick
  • 69 Karwood Drive
    69 Karwood Drive, St. John’s
  • Adelaide Street
    Adelaide Street, St. John's
  • Foodland, Carbonear
    Foodland, Carbonear
  • Harris Rebar, Seal Cove
    Harris Rebar, Seal Cove
  • Infiniti, Topsail Road
    Infiniti, Topsail Road
  • Lawtons, Topsail Road
    Lawtons, Topsail Road
  • Lawtons, Wedgwood
    Lawtons, Wedgwood
  • NLC, East White Hills
    NLC, East White Hills
  • NLC, Mount Pearl
    NLC, Mount Pearl
  • NLC, Placentia
    NLC, Placentia
  • NLC, Re Roof
    NLC, Re Roof
  • NLC, St. Anthony
    NLC, St. Anthony
  • Quonset Hut Demo, Bay Bulls
    Quonset Hut Demo, Bay Bulls
  • Vigilant Management
    Vigilant Management, Paradise
  • W,H. Parsons, 90 O'Lear Ave.
    W.H. Parsons, 90 O'Leary Ave.

Our Team

Lloyd Hussey, a recognized and respected leader of the Newfoundland and Labrador construction industry, has partnered with Grant Horwood and Terry Hussey to launch Vigilant Management, a specialized commercial and industrial construction project management firm in Atlantic Canada.

With a collective combined 45 years and $500 million dollars worth of project management experience, they’ve witnessed or personally experienced (almost) everything that could happen to a construction project. enough to get started.

Meet Our Team

Project Management Careers

You are looking for a place to learn, grow and feel a sense of pride & ownership.

We are that place.

We live and breathe project management and are looking for others who have the same passion for their work. If you are a PMP, engineer, technologist, construction or business professional with a desire to change the world, one project at a time - let’s talk.

Submit your cover letter & resume

Stilettos to Steel Toes - Summer 2015 - Final Chapter

My work term at Vigilant Management has officially come to an end. In my 16 weeks here, I’ve learned more than I thought was possible. I look back on my first day when I sat in on an internal project meeting, completely lost and overwhelmed by the unfamiliar “construction” language being spoken by the people around me. I’ve come a long way and now I can actively participate in these meetings.

Continued …


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