Putting people first

Making a difference in any industry requires special people. At Vigilant, we appeal to people who believe in doing the right thing, for the right reasons. Our approach to culture is not typical. It does not fit a mold. It is driven by our belief that people come before profits. That a life lived out of balance is not living at all. That your work should contribute as much to your life as you contribute to your work. Want to know more?

Our Chief Executive Officer, Terry Hussey, was interviewed on CBC’s On The Money to speak about his thoughts on corporate culture and Vigilant’s unlimited vacation policy. Check it out here.

CBC Here and Now also profiled Vigilant’s culture in December of 2016. Have a look here.



It is widely known that the leaders of a company are the source of its culture. Management science has studied this phenomenon at length and concluded that over 80% of a company's culture flows from its founders.

Vigilant Management’s Chief Executive Officer, Terry Hussey, explains what drives his pursuit of a “better way” to run a business:

“When I was younger, I didn’t like school very much. Somewhere around Junior High, I experienced anxiety and stress at the thought of going to school. This feeling was especially acute on Sunday nights, where the thought of getting up on Monday morning to go to something I didn’t like would make me very unhappy. Many years later, I experienced that sensation again while I worked a job that didn’t make me happy. Friday would come and I would experience the thrill of the weekend. So many fun things to do. So much possibility. Then Sunday evening would come and I would get hit with the realization that soon it was time to go to bed and then I would be back at work. Unhappy. Unfulfilled.

After many years toiling away in a career that wasn’t making me happy, I decided to take the plunge and start my own business. I loved it. I was in complete control of my time. I could choose to work how I wanted, when I wanted, as much as I wanted. When my head hit the pillow at night I was excited at the thought of getting up the next morning to get back to work.

Eventually, my company started to take shape and we began to grow. I had a vision of a company that was focused on doing the right thing, treating people with respect, valuing clients, and allowing people to live balanced lives. Unlimited vacation is the thing that everyone wants to talk about but really it comes down to one word: freedom. The people who work at Vigilant Management have the freedom to determine how they should live their lives. How they should do their work. When they want to work. Where they want to work. If someone needs to take care of an errand or an appointment, they simply do it. They don’t ask permission. They are trusted to manage the demands of their job and their lives as the capable, honest people they are.

My desire is for every person who works for us to go to bed happy with how they spent their time. I don’t think that anyone should ever feel the way I did on Sunday nights.” 



Vigilant Management was founded in April 2012 with a goal of eliminating inefficiency in the construction industry. Since then our team has achieved significant success across all of our projects. Our results are entirely due to the talented team we have assembled to tackle the most challenging of construction projects.


Executive team 


Terry husSey 

Chief Executive Officer

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Ian Duffett 

Vice President


Grant Horwood


Copy of Vigilant-Staff-2017-83874.jpg

Holly Hicks

Director - Vertical Construction


lloyd hussey

Partner and Senior Project Adviser

Nick Janes

VP, Product Management | Verafin

Kevin Duggan

Chief Visionary Officer | alooki technology

Cathy Bennett

President | Benco Investments

Board of advisors

In 2014, Vigilant established a Board of Advisers to help the Executive Team with all strategic and operational issues. This group of exceptional business leaders has helped Vigilant achieve significant progress in all areas of the company.

Project Delivery

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Bob Walsh 

Senior Project Manager


Megan Dixon

Junior Project Manager


Adam Mandville

Project Manager


Todd Tremblett

Project Coordinator


Colin Mercer

Project Manager


Mark Canning

Project Estimator

Business Management 


Kristen Hussey 

Marketing Manager


Michelle Samson

Business Development Manager


Sheldon Farley 

Finance and Human Resources Lead