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Owners project management

Vigilant Management operates exclusively from the Owner’s perspective in a trust-based, collaborative relationship. We provide a single point of management for the life of a construction project, with professional, comprehensive oversight that allows you to focus on your day to day operations, feeling confident that Vigilant is upholding your interests.

 Vigilant Management is uniquely equipped to manage construction projects that are complex and challenging in scope. We lead teams, negotiate contracts, oversee budgets and proactively protect your interests. Our cutting edge knowledge of planning, design, construction, and business allows us to improve processes, reduce costs, maintain schedules and keep projects on track, while keeping your goals at the center of all decision-making.

From large-scale infrastructure projects involving roadwork or water & sewer to high-end commercial projects like automotive dealerships or executive houses, we can build the team of professionals needed to execute any project.


When to involve vigilant 

While we can help at any stage of a construction project, our ability to influence positive outcomes is much stronger at the very start of your journey. Understanding why you are doing the project in the first place sets the stage for success. Identifying the strategic objectives that lay at the heart of your project is critical to ensuring that all project decisions align with the goals of your organization.

The strategic planning phase of a project is the most critical to its success. The vast majority of issues which occur on modern construction projects can be traced to inadequate planning. Our expertise in project planning, design, and construction allows us to anticipate issues before they occur, minimize risks, and bring vision and progressive thinking to every project.

This approach is designed to provide our clients with every possible advantage. By adopting a construction-oriented mindset early on we are able to streamline the project delivery process, saving you both time and money. By keeping your strategic goals in mind, we identify schedule, budget, and phasing details so you can make well-informed decisions based on complete information.