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Success Stories

A large scale Commercial/Industrial project had a tight timeline that the Owner was relying upon to support business operations. Project delays would have forced significant operational costs onto the Owner which had to be avoided. The building was opened on time and the Owner was able to shift operations to use the new facility in time for the busy Summer season.

Vigilant Management was engaged by a local retail outlet to act as the Owner’s Project Manager for a new store located in the St. John’s area. Vigilant provided insight during the design of the fit-up for the space which lowered construction and long-term maintenance costs. Throughout the construction phase, Vigilant maintained a presence on the project to ensure that construction was proceeding smoothly. As challenges arose, Vigilant staff acted immediately to remedy, maintaining schedule integrity which was vital to the client as any delay would have resulted in a loss of revenue. The project was completed on time and the store opening was viewed as a major success for the client.

Vigilant was contracted to provide its turn-key project management service from concept to commissioning of a commercial car dealership on a fully developed site. The dealership included a large multi-bay service garage, sales and office area, and showroom floor. Vigilant acted as the Owner’s Project Manager for the project through initial planning, concept design, detail design, tendering, and construction management.

After a core internal staff member took another position, while an active project was struggling with a confrontational and aggressive construction site, one municipality decided they needed help. Vigilant was hired, not as Project Managers, but as strategic consultants, to help get the project heading in the right direction. After weeks of being on site, the atmosphere on the job site changed to be more positive and collaborative. Vigilant's presence brought peace of mind to the Owner, reducing their concern for the project's success.

Vigilant takes the time to cultivate a relationship of understanding and trust with their clients. On one occasion, a municipality was overloaded and was unable to execute a time-sensitive project. They handed the project over to Vigilant, who completed the project on time and on budget.

A municipality enlisted Vigilant to help with a complex renovation of a municipal building. It was Vigilant's job to help the Town prioritize construction processes, and to assist in scope and budget control. Vigilant played a strategic consulting role for this particular project, and their involvement helped reduce overall project costs and ensured the use of building space was optimized and maximized.

Vigilant was engaged to facilitate the completion of a complex commercial renovation. Faults in the construction drawings were identified, which would have been costly for the Owner to correct post-tender. After coordinating with the Owner and Design Engineer to correct the identified flaws, Vigilant took on a coordination role. They did this by facilitating communication between required parties, helping to ensure that this project came in on time and on budget.

Vigilant identified a contractor working on an area with asbestos without proper abatement protocol in place. The Owner was informed and the project was halted until a certified asbestos contractor could be brought on site to deal with the hazardous material. A significant legal and ethical risk was avoided through the actions of the Vigilant PM.

After an Owner discovered issues with code compliance and structural integrity of an executive residence, Vigilant was contracted to help mitigate these concerns and by managing the project and bringing the residence back to code. Vigilant was able to ensure the success of the project and safety of the residence for the Owner.

Vigilant was contracted as a Third Party Project Manager for an institution that did not have the resources to efficiently manage all of their existing work. Since first being engaged, Vigilant has helped the institution by facilitating communication between internal parties. Multiple important and time-sensitive projects have been completed in this engagement.

Vigilant completed a feasibility study for a municipality to determine the options available to replace an aging piece of town infrastructure. The work was completed for minimal cost and used to advise staff and council on how best to proceed.

Vigilant conducted a constructability review of drawings and specifications for a major commercial project that was due to go to RFP. The review yielded hundreds of issues with the project documentation which were subsequently addressed by the Designer before being finalized for the RFP. It is estimated that the review prevented over $4 million in potential change orders which would have been over 20% of the project budget.

On a large commercial renovation project, Vigilant PMs were responsible for working with the Contractor on all proposed Change Orders. Through this work, Vigilant was able to keep the net construction changes to just 2% of the more than $3 million project budget.

Vigilant PMs identified an opportunity for a client to use a smaller system design in a commercial project. This subsystem change lowered the costs of the project by 66%.

Vigilant was contracted to help investigate and remediate an overheating situation in an active and operational business. Ensuring that the comfort and the safety of the staff was unaffected, Vigilant was able to assist this business execute a complex HVAC project with minimal interruptions to staff and operations. To the satisfaction of the Owner, the project was delivered on time.

A Commercial renovation project valued at over $500,000 completed a full two weeks ahead of schedule, to the surprise and pleasure of the Owner.

“Vigilant Management brought a tremendous amount of value and stability to our construction project. With Vigilant representing our interests throughout the project, we were able to rely on
budget and schedule projections. This dramatically lessened the risk of our project, enabling us to focus on running our own business while they focused on our project.”
— Rick O'Neill - Owner, O'Neill Motors

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