Nick Janes

Director of Product Management | Verafin

Nick is an energetic individual who has a thirst for teamwork and continuous improvement. He completed a Bachelor of Engineering degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland and returned to Memorial to complete a Masters in Engineering. He enjoys helping businesses establish a vision and strategy, and has developed a firm belief that it is only when all components of a business understand why they exist and what is most important, then together they can move mountains and achieve what was thought to be impossible success.

Nick began working at Verafin shortly after completing university. He has played many different roles across the business in the areas of Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Product Evangelism, Leadership and Product Management leading to the development of a broad set of skills as well as a holistic way of thinking. Nick is passionately devoted to Verafin’s mission of fighting financial crime and looks forward to contributing to the constant innovations that continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.