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Municipal Project Delivery in Newfoundland and Labrador

The Traditional Model of Project Delivery

Town staff are often responsible for the management of construction projects on top of their existing day-to-day work. Often, the design consultant will attempt to simultaneously represent their own business interests concurrently with the Town’s interests.

  • When a project has challenges, you feel like you are the last to know.
  • Town staff are solely responsible for reviewing the work of your designer, which can result in expensive change orders if issues are not resolved before Tender.
  • You feel alone on your side of the project table.
  • You are potentially exposed to cost and schedule risks with nobody to turn to for help.
  • Project budgets in some municipal projects have exceeded 30% in change orders in recent years.

The VIGILANT Model of Project Delivery

An Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) acts as your expert advocate throughout your construction project.


  • You are always in the loop with your OPM leading project communication.
  • Your OPM is an expert manager of design firms, which ensures that Town needs are met.
  • Your OPM works directly for you, providing their service free of any potential conflict.
  • Your OPM works directly to minimize cost and schedule risks from the beginning of your Town’s project.
  • Municipal projects managed by OPMs are proven to come in on-time and on-budget*.

There is a better way to manage your construction projects.

*The Massachusetts School Building Authority has delivered over $2.6 billion in projects between 2013 and 2015 with change orders of only 2.36% and a mere two days of schedule slippage. How can this be possible? The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all public projects to engage the services of an Owner’s Project Manager on all projects over $1.5 million in value.

When you are planning a construction project, your first call should be to an Owner’s Project Manager. They help you control the project from the beginning, leading you through the complex process of modern construction with a steady hand and proven expertise.


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“Vigilant Management provided our Town with a dedicated and capable team that understood our capital project needs. Their collaborative construction management style and proactive guidance established them as a partner we could trust to put our interests first.”
— Jennifer Manuel, P.Eng - Director of Public Works and Engineering, Town of Conception Bay South


Benefits of an Owner’s Project Manager



Every project is unique, with distinct stakeholders and situations that need to be managed. The Owner’s Project Manager can positively influence potentially tense situations between varied construction entities who have competing interests. Having a single entity tasked with leading all project stakeholders ensures that your Town’s project will be successful.



As your direct representative on the project, your Owner’s Project Manager is the lead stakeholder for all phases. Your Project Manager can help you find and secure all other project professionals and will keep you informed and educated throughout your project.


The Owner’s Project Manager is responsible to you, the Town, and has no contractual relationships with the Design Firm, Contractor, or any other stakeholder. As your advocate, they are able to objectively assess all situations and provide you with expert advice. Architectural and Engineering firms who act as lead agents for the Town on the same project where they are responsible for the design can sometimes struggle to function in both roles simultaneously. This risk can be completely avoided by using an OPM to manage your project.


A talented Owner’s Project Manager will ensure your project begins with realistic budgets and minimal need for scope additions later. They’ll bring best practices to pre-construction programming, value engineering, life-cycle cost analyses, and schedule management.

As Newfoundland and Labrador’s premier Owner’s Project Management consulting firm, Vigilant Management is ready to make your next construction project a success.

“Architects want to build showcases. It doesn’t take much of a mistake, delay, disagreement, etc, to quickly spend a lot more money while everyone is asking how could this happen? Enter the OPM. The OPM is an expert in reviewing plans, providing an independent cost estimate, working with the Owner to keep the architect on track, and suggesting (less costly) alternatives. The OPM knows that time is money and court is the worst alternative to resolving disputes. The OPM provides a great deal of wisdom, judgment, insight, knowledge and expertise with the goal of completing a project on time and within the budget.”
— Jeff Nutting, Town Administrator, Town of Franklin, MA, USA

Don’t wait until the project is in jeopardy to call us.

Involve us from the very beginning and watch how smoothly a modern construction project can go.

Vigilant Management’s project delivery service includes:

  • Optimal use of project funding
  • Architect/Engineer selection
  • Oversight of programming phase and the development of a detailed scope of work
  • Contractor evaluation, procurement, and management
  • Project schedule control
  • Value engineering and cost estimating
  • Avoidance and minimization of schedule delays
  • Effective management of changes during construction
  • Dispute resolution
  • Payment processing for all project stakeholders
  • Construction risk assessments
  • Project closeout and commissioning assistance

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