“Our team has proven that a small group of dedicated professionals can have a meaningful impact through their work. They get up every day energized to solve problems and make a difference for our clients and in our industry.”
— Terry Hussey, CEO

We believe there is a better way to do business and it starts with how we treat our people. Imagine being excited to come to work on a Monday. Imagine an office filled with laughter and friendship. Imagine a group of people who believe that what they do matters.

This is what it is like to work at Vigilant Management.

We have a company goal of zero employee turnover. To achieve it, our team has to want to stay here for the rest of their careers, which requires a strong bond of trust and respect. We work to earn that trust and privilege every day.



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Cooperative Education

Vigilant has hired business and engineering students from Memorial University since they opened their offices in 2013. To date, over 17 students have worked with the Vigilant team and are a part of our shared history. We consider our work-term students to be an essential part of our team and will continue to hire them for as long as we are in business.

Benefits & Culture

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The best thing about working at Vigilant is the satisfaction that comes from being part of something special. We are changing an industry one project at a time, and our team is achieving great things. The energy here at Vigilant is infectious.

Our team deserves the best. Here are just a few of the benefits we provide:

Unlimited Vacation/Sick Days


Fitness and Recreation Allowance

Maternity Top-Up

Birthday Celebrations

Lots of Laughs


Social Events

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Annual Horseshoe Tournament

Every July, the Vigilant team, family, and friends gather for an afternoon to enjoy a friendly horseshoe tournament. We like to get outside, play a few games, eat some barbeque, and get a sunburn (Newfoundland weather permitting). It’s an event to look forward to every summer.

Christmas Party

After a year of hard work, we take the time to spend an evening celebrating all that we’ve accomplished before we close down for the holiday period. It’s our “fanciest” event of the year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get a little foolish.

Just Because

Sometimes we just like to go have a good time for no particular reason. We might take an afternoon to go bowling, have a barbeque in the parking lot, or bring Mario Kart into the office for a couple of hours. You never know when the next fun event is coming up.


We try to never forget a team member’s birthday. If you’re celebrating, we will definitely get a cake and sing to you. We’re sorry in advance for our poor singing talents.

Exile Island 

Vigilant likes to give back to the community and did so in a big way in the Summer of 2015, taking part in the Children’s Wish Foundation Exile Island. The Vigilant family raised over $10,000 to grant the wish of a special young man who wanted to go to Disney. As a fun part of the effort, five brave Vigilant team members competed in a day long challenge to outwit, outlast, and outplay other teams. After a brave effort, the smallest team in the competition came up just 100 points short of the deserving winners, finishing in second place!


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