Final Blog Post

I have titled this my final bog post, for 2 reasons:  

1) because Terry will most likely react when he first reads the title, and
2) this is technically my last blog post as a business “student” at Vigilant Management. (“Student” in quotes because from Vigilant’s perspective I have been treated like a temporary full-time employee).

Over the course of my 4 months here - which have absolutely flown by – I’d like to think that I have made an impact in the same way that the people at Vigilant have impacted me. By all standards, the people here are knowledgeable, caring, and supportive.

Some honorable mentions I would like to make for being awesome (in no particular order) are Michelle, Holly, Lloyd, Sheldon, Ian, Todd, Megan, Colin, Adam, Terry, Krissy, Grant, Mark, and Stewart.

In particular:

  • Michelle for her endless support and our 1 Piatto date.

  • Holly for her honesty and killing it in a male-dominated field.

  • Lloyd for his great stories – unfortunately I never got a ‘pivotal moment’ (yet).

  • Sheldon for always being available to help and being the true definition of sass (who can sometimes be funny – or so he thinks) LOL.

  • Ian for being a “Coach” in every way.

  • Todd for always having a smile and our Coffee Crisp exchange.

  • Megan for ensuring I am included when I moved to the other “wing”.

  • Colin for his support of employee well-being, school advise, and listening to my rants when we were desk buddies.

  • Adam for bringing in his pup, Vivian, and having meme conversations.

  • Terry for being the Vigilant Kool-Aid Distributer.

  • Krissy for being a positivity ninja.

  • Grant for his hilariousness and the way he gets “$h!T” done.

  • Mark for being a wellness champion when I am not there to lead stretch.

  • Stewart for always adding brightness to the day. 

This is not a final goodbye. I am coming back to Vigilant part-time in the fall during my academic semester, if nothing else but to make sure morning stretch still happens daily. I learned a lot over this summer and have done some things I wouldn’t normally do during a work-term (such as write a blog post). I have been given opportunities that I feel I can thrive in such as planning events and other duties that the B-Team is sometimes just too busy to do.

I hope that my time over the next few months is as great as my time at Vigilant the last few months. The below collage should you an idea of the Shenanigans that have gone on over the summer.

Although this is my last official blog post, I’m sure I will be urged to write more… SO..

Until next time.

- Kathleen