Columns and Slabs

For me, without support it would be very hard to live a happy and fulfilling life. I have this support in the right places; much like a slab on columns.

Over-designed columns are a tire on resources and manpower which, at the end of the day, does not allow the slab to properly take the weight it was designed for. This gives the slab a false sense of how much weight it can hold. Although, using the same slab design with correctly designed columns will allow the weight to be properly transferred between the two. This gives the slab the actual weight it is designed to hold. The same can be said about people; the slabs. 

With too much support they never fully know what they are capable of. They are wrongly shown that they can take on more than they really can because most of the weight is being transferred to their support system. With a proper support system in place, a person knows how much they can take on. They know when they are reaching their peak and it helps to not overload them to failure. It is always nice to think you can pile on more weight than you can actually handle. However, if you are a person with an overbearing support system and you find yourself without it (like at a job, for example), you will quickly find yourself overloaded, stressed, and strained. 

This is why I am very appreciative of my columns: My family, my friends, and my co-workers. My family is and has always been my #1 supporter. They also know when to step back and let me make my own decisions on the things I have been involved with in and out of school. My friends support my life outside my family. They let me know when I seemed stressed and need to relax. My co-workers at Vigilant have been amazing at supporting my interests and consistently check in with me for feedback on the things I am working on.

I am learning everyday how much I can handle and because none of my supports are overbearing, I am consistently learning new ways to take on additional things in my life all by myself.

- Taylor