Lego Houses

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved Legos. Cliché thing for an engineer, but I was honestly captivated with how simple blocks could come together to make such colorful and intricate things.

My favorites were the Lego Creator sets which allow you to use one set of pieces to build one of three creations at a time. I currently have eight or nine of the house sets, so a few years ago my parents decided to buy me a Creator set, which was a moving t-rex, spider, and something I can’t even remember. It was cool to build but it never really clicked with me, and it ended up in the back of my closet whereas all my houses are currently on display on a shelf. These house sets were how I recognized my love of residential construction.

My initial career thoughts revolved around Dentistry, but then I did a Biology course in high school and realized it wasn’t for me. I racked my brain for things that I would actually want to be doing for the rest of my life, and my Lego houses always lurked around. I looked up architectural and building design programs, but they were all extremely expensive and really specific, which would make my life more difficult in case the exact industry wasn’t there when I graduated. I was also doing a physics and advanced math course at the time, which I really enjoyed, so I looked into the Civil Engineering Program at Memorial University. I saw courses like structural analysis, concrete and steel design, structural building systems, and finite element analysis. Even just typing these courses out right now gets me excited (although I’ve discovered concrete is crazy hard and also gives me slight anxiety along with the excitement lol)! So that’s where I decided to apply, and where I am today with one year left to my program!

Completing a bachelor’s degree in engineering at MUN allows me to complete up to six 4-month work terms. This is currently my 4th, and I remember when, in my interview with Vigilant, they mentioned residential construction projects. I made this random squeak noise trying to hold in my excitement that I thought totally cost me the interview. Thank god it didn’t because this is the first work term where I’ve had the opportunity to step onto a residential construction site, and I couldn’t be happier with what I’m doing. Even sitting in meetings with architects to iron out interior details leaves me captivated for the entire day! I’m pretty much a kid in a candy store with this stuff. Or maybe a younger me in a Lego store? Either or!

-  Taylor