A Warm Welcome

If you’ve read the other blog posts, you will notice that most get away without having to write them for the first month or two… but not me!  I just finished my first week here at Vigilant, and Terry already has me writing one. He must think that I’m going to be good at this (sorry in advance!) [Editor’s Note: Extremely high expectations indeed - Terry].

I was asked to write about how I expected my first week to go versus how it actually went. To start, I’ve wanted to land a work term with Vigilant since my first year in engineering; their work interested me, it sounded like a place that I could learn a lot about my Civil discipline (along with much more), and they held a very high reputation amongst the students at Memorial University. I remember being jealous of every student who got the opportunity to work here and kept applying semester after semester, despite not being chosen. Finally, for my fifth and final work term, I was selected for an interview and got the job! By this point, I had pretty high hopes as to how my work term would go, excited and nervous to join a team that seemed more like a family. All I can say is that Vigilant has exceeded my expectations in every way. Within only a week, I already feel like I’m a part of the team. They’ve entrusted me with tasks that I know I can do but haven’t been given the opportunity to prove prior to working here. I’ve learned more in my first week here at Vigilant than I could have ever expected, thanks in particular to Mark and Grant. I expected my first week to be filled with orientation documents, introductions, and with small tasks to help out, however I’ve been pleasantly surprised to be highly involved from day one. I've already gotten the opportunity to help with a quantity takeoff which I spent most of my first week doing, I was able to go on multiple site visits with Mark, Todd, and Holly, and I attended a tender opening on my first day with Michelle and Ashley. They all make sure that I’m involved and answer any number of questions that I may have.

I knew from just the interview that the energy at Vigilant was positive, and that has completely upheld for the entire week. I never expected to be so delighted to come into work every morning and leave feeling excited to come back. I’ve even been spending evenings at coffee shops playing around with AutoCAD, reading reports, and trying to catch up on projects. It really makes you want to become a useful member of the team as quickly as possible, because just being here makes you want to do better and be better. It's incredible how far a "great work today" comment from a coworker can go, especially being a student, and it’s what drives you to go from good to great. I once had a supervisor tell me to “become comfortable with being uncomfortable, because it means that you are learning”. I’ve kept this in the back of my mind for years; even though learning new things can become overwhelming, frustrating, and awkward, you need to stick with it nonetheless. It means that you’re growing, and with the right team to turn to like here at Vigilant, it has made that so much easier.

So, I guess overall, I came in with the expectation that this was going to be a great work term. I shouldn’t be getting ahead of myself, but I already know that it will be.

- Megan