A Thank You to the Vigilant Family

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. Seriously - where have these last four months gone? This work term has flown by like none other, and as cliché as it sounds, it really feels like my first day was last week. Unfortunately, due to some rather frantic changes to my travel plans home, I didn’t get to cherish my last day at Vigilant like I hoped I would and hardly got to say goodbye to my adopted Vigilant family from the past four months.

I’ve learned an insane amount during my short tenure at Vigilant; from a scary amount regarding Tommy Wiseau and one of the worst movies of all time “The Room”, to the inner workings of the construction industry. I’ve learned that much more goes into a construction project than the current in-game meta (which is quickly approaching meme status) of the wildly popular game Fortnite to “Just Build”. A staggering amount of preparation takes place prior to construction even coming close to starting. I was privileged enough to be a part of that process on many exciting projects and able to witness many different stages of construction through numerous site visits.

I will cherish my time at Vigilant, not only for all that I learned about, but also because I was treated with respect and trusted to complete important tasks vital to construction projects. As a company, Vigilant is definitely going places, and I would like to thank them for allowing me to tag along for four months. It was a wonderful learning experience and I truly enjoyed my time interacting with everyone in the office. Vigilant taught me how one should feel coming into the office every day and by far has the best company culture I’ve experienced to date. I will miss it dearly during my next four months of school.

As I try and wrap up my last blog post I’d like to take a moment and say thank you and so long for now to everyone, as I envision it would hopefully have happened if I did not have to take off unexpectedly to catch my flight.  Although, it is rather unlikely it would have went down like this as I suck at goodbyes!

To Terry and Krissy:

Thank you for giving me the incredible opportunity to prove myself to the company and become part of the Vigilant family. For showing me the right way to conduct both myself professionally and how to run a business successfully. For talking baseball and chicken dinners/victory royales with me and keeping our sweets cravings well-fed. Finally, thanks for being a constant bright spot at the office.

To Lloyd:

Thank you for all of the stories and imparted wisdom every morning. It was a pleasure to get to know you and allowing me to soak in as much of your incredible knowledge and experience as I could. Thanks for showing me how to own my job and be proud of my work. I hope you are enjoying your well-deserved break in Florida!

To Mark, Todd, Grant and Holly:

Thank you all so much for keeping myself and Noah busy throughout the term. For guiding us and giving us valuable feedback throughout the trials and tribulations of a work-term student. Thanks for letting us tag along on numerous site visits and trusting us with some pretty heavy hitting tasks and treating us as equals. Thank you for showing us what a work ethic looks like. All of your combined experience is staggering and proved to be useful resources throughout the term. All of the stories and jokes will be sorely missed.

What are ya at Sheldon?

Thanks for talking hockey with me and for all of your incredible impressions. Thank you for making sure we had everything we needed to feel at home and making sure we were a part of the family. The effort you put in so that Noah and I were comfortable is greatly appreciated and won’t be forgotten any time soon.

To Michelle: 

Thank you for being an awesome desk neighbour, even if you did break my heart in the final hours by saying you hated “the great 8”. I guess maybe your hatred for Ovie can be cancelled by me telling you that I hear all the movies you go to see aren’t very good!

Finally, to Noah:

Thank you for sharing you journey through Game of Thrones with me, helping me out with Eng. Econ, and being a sweet work-term buddy. All the best on the upcoming term, I’m sure I will see you around school lots!

I wish everyone all the best in the future and bid you all adieu as my story at Vigilant comes to a close for now. Thanks for the memories and I hope to see everyone soon!

- Will