Night Gathers, and Now My Summer Term Begins

My time at Vigilant Management has sadly come to an end. As my remaining hours in the office dwindle, I find myself wanting to stay even more. The Vigilant experience is truly like no other. From day one, I felt connected to everyone in the office and that connection has only grown stronger since. I felt very accepted on both a professional level and personal level. The month of March was certainly the busiest of my time at Vigilant. Myself and Mark had plenty of lunch breaks that only consisted of a quick bite to eat and a mugful of coffee that went “straight down da troat/gullet.” That’s not to say that those were bad days by any means. Having a busy day at the office was incredibly fulfilling. I really felt that I was a part of the team and that the work that I was doing really mattered to Vigilant. Mark and I made sure to make up for that lost time at lunch by playing Contra on our break when we had days that weren’t as busy.

As I think of the long nights that I’ll be spending in the lab during my fast approaching semester, I reassure myself that the advice I was told and the stories I heard at Vigilant will guide me to the end. Before Lloyd left in early April, he sat down with Will and I, and explained how he conducts himself within Newfoundland and Labrador’s construction industry. He said to us, “When I’m managing a job, I make sure that it’s mine and that I know everything there is to know about it.” That really resonated with me. “Knowing everything” was a foreign concept to me. I never thought that I could “know everything” about anything! My standards were always set at working hard and being satisfied with whatever the outcome was. Now I fully intend on trying to “know everything” about the course material I’m going to be studying soon. Whether or not it works will be seen.

I could write quite a bit about all the things I’ll miss at Vigilant, so in attempt to cover it all here’s a list of some of my favorite. Don’t worry if you don’t quite understand all of them; it’s a Vigilant thing.

  • Chatting with Will and Sheldon about Game of Thrones (while simultaneously spoiling it for Michelle)

  • “Controlling the Avalon”

  • Playing Contra at lunch with Mark

  • Sharing Lloyd’s excitement about Fridays

  • Saying “Whadda y’at bys?!” every time I come into the office

  • Hearing hilarious stories from Grant, Holly, and Lloyd

  • Grant’s dogs

  • Hearing “I can’t believe you’ve done this” from Sheldon or Todd in their spot on British accents

  • Krissy’s unending enthusiasm

  • Terry’s hilarious office antics

  • Todd’s ever so kind presence (and intense Overwatch skills)

  • Company lunches

  • Getting emails of top notch memes from one of the bys

  • The coffee

Fare thee well Vigilant. Perhaps we’ll meet again some day.

- Noah(Liam)