Month One = Done

Today marks the end of my first month at Vigilant Management, as well as my Sheldon imposed deadline to write a blog post for our website. I’ve been struggling for a couple of weeks now to come up with something blog worthy to write about, considering I have never done this before!

From the age of 14, I’ve been worked numerous jobs in a variety of industries, including 4 work terms prior to this one with Vigilant. I have experience working for large worldwide corporations and small companies alike, yet I have only encountered an environment like the one here at Vigilant once before. It was my very first job, where I worked for a small family run farm for a couple of years. As my time there went by, I developed a strong bond with that family and I still visit them regularly when I return home to this day. Even after only the first 4 weeks of this work term, I can see many similarities forming already.

Beginning right from day one, everyone here has been incredibly kind, and helpful. You can tell that it is a very close-knit group. Mark, John and Todd were quick to take myself and Noah on numerous on-site visits and they’ve put up with our incessant questions regarding the tasks they have sent our way.  Lloyd and Holly have already proved to be valuable resources with their insane amount of industry experience and always have little nuggets of wisdom construction related or not. Sheldon is the lubrication that keeps this office running smoothly, and I’m glad to have him around to talk sports with in order to keep my obsession satisfied! Lastly, Terry has already made me feel comfortable in this environment as well as a valued member of the vigilant team and family, despite my limited contributions so far.

Needless to say, I am eager to become a regular contributor to the team and I’m extremely excited to see how the rest of this work term turns out.  I’m looking forward to working with everyone including my desk neighbor Michelle, and Grant who recently returned from vacation who I haven’t had the chance to work closely with as of yet. Hopefully by the end of it, Vigilant enjoys having me here as much as I have appreciated my time here already. Here’s to the next three months!

-  Will