Jedi or Junior Project Manager? Hopefully both.

My time at Vigilant so far has been an experience like no other. Somehow, four weeks has flown by and I constantly think about how I need to soak up every moment of the time that I have left. It’s not surprising that my time here has moved fast. The office is such a fun and welcoming environment (and the excessive amount of coffee ingested here obviously has some sort of effect on time). By the end of my first week, I had already been given my first nickname, included in my first emailed meme, and received several comments (all positive) about my ever so curly hair.

That’s not to say that all I’ve done here is have fun. Everyone in the office has been an incredible mentor to me. Without even asking, someone will show me a certain way that Vigilant does things, teach me about the world of project management, or tell me about a valuable lesson they learned one time. In more ways than one, I feel as though I am a young padawan at the jedi temple. It’s funny because I landed this job partly due to my love for Star Wars. I’d like to think so anyway.

Often times I’ll spend more than eight hours in the office. I never feel the need to leave as soon as 5:00 roles around because I genuinely enjoy the work that I do here. Whether its something one of the project managers wants me to do or just something I’ve taken on myself, I never have a problem with putting in some extra time for Vigilant. The reason I have that mindset is all because I’ve never been given an opportunity quite like the one Vigilant has given me. I’ve really been able to explore my capabilities here and with more than half of my work term left, I’m confident that I’ll have a whole new set of skills by the time that I pour my last cup of “joe” at the office.

This company is something else. From budgets to burritos; at Vigilant Management Inc. you’ll hear it all.


Noah Q


Schoolboi NQ, George