Sleighin’ it

Less than one month left of my work term… Where in the world does time go?! It seems like just yesterday that I started my first day here at Vigilant. So much has changed in this short period of time, yet so much is still the same. My enjoyment at work, the everyday laughs, and the constant support and feedback hasn’t changed at all, but I feel like I’ve grown a lot both as a future engineer and as a person, and the people here have become more than just my colleagues. So prepare for one sappy post in a few weeks when I have to go back to school.

Aside from it now getting dark at 4pm, November was a pretty great month! I got my apartment all decorated for Christmas, and my cats, Alistair and Emery, have destroyed all but about 4 ornaments. They are terribly cute, but man are they ever little terrors. They’re just over a year old now, and this month they’ve FINALLY started letting me sleep through the night. I also booked my flights home for Christmas; I get to spend 10 days in New Brunswick with my family and ring in the New Year at the Crabbe ski hill, I can’t wait! We got our office tree up on Friday too, and I just picked up some more decorations for the office. I’m in charge of the elf on the shelf at the office this year, so if anyone has any good ideas shoot them my way!

This month I had a real first at Vigilant, we all went to a movie IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY for Grant’s birthday and saw Bohemian Rhapsody. How many people can say they’ve done that?? It’s pretty cool the stuff we get to do. When you work hard all week, it’s pretty rewarding to get to go see a 12pm movie with all of your colleagues on a Friday. The movie was great by the way, highly recommend going to see it. I’ve been pretty busy the last month, working two jobs, taking my last elective, and trying to have a social life, so it’s nice to relax and just sit down, eat popcorn, and watch a movie.

I’ve been pretty heavily involved in a lot of projects lately, and I’ve been learning so much from everyone here. I dipped my toes (and fell in head first) into my first buildings estimate with Holly, which was both interesting and challenging. Watching her put together the last of the estimate was mesmerizing, and someday I hope that I can be THAT good. I’ve been going on site a fair bit too, sitting in on a lot of meetings, and helping write reports with Mark. I’m getting such a diverse range of experience here, it’s wonderful. I learn something new every day!

Now changing gears a bit, with Christmas just around the corner, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone has it as good as us. Stay grateful this month, count your blessings, and try and give back as much as you can! There are a ton of organizations around St. John’s or wherever you are reading this from that collect donations, gifts, non-perishables, etc., so make an effort to contribute. It may make all the difference to someone’s Christmas! I’m so grateful to be surrounded by great colleagues and friends this time of year; since my family is all in New Brunswick, it’s nice to have my 9-5 life so cheerful and fun. I try and make a conscious effort to be grateful for the little things every day, and what a difference it makes.

Anyways, I’ve been rambling about a whole lot of nothing in this post, and it’s time for me to go study some Spanish (never take Spanish 1000 by the way). Have fun tackling the Avalon Mall and Stavanger drive this month while you Christmas shop!

Until next time (in 3 weeks)!

- Meg