Goodbye (For Now)

Well I thought this blog post was going to be a sad finale. I thought I was going to have to say all of my goodbyes and tell everyone I hope to see them around. If you’d asked me two weeks ago what I was going to write about, that’s exactly what I would have told you. Although this is still going to be sappy I’m sure, I can’t hide my glee, as I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I will be coming back to Vigilant in May as the newest Junior Project Manager (PM)! I could not be happier to have received an offer last week to join the Vigilant team full-time!!

The last four months have taught me so much about project management and construction, but more importantly, I’ve learned that you can actually LOVE your job. There was not a moment of doubt in my mind that I would be accepting the offer to come back in the Spring as a Junior PM. Vigilant has set the bar so high for how a job should feel; I can’t imagine that many people get to experience that, even though they should. 

I can’t believe four months have already gone by. I am so grateful to have learned so much in this short time, and to have been given so much responsibility and trust. I got to be a real part of the team and really contribute in every aspect. That’s how I managed to learn so much from these incredible people.

Now even though I’ll be back in four months, I still want to say some special thank you’s and goodbyes because I’m going to miss seeing every one of your faces everyday over the next four months. 

Mark, thank you for being an incredible mentor and teaching me so much over the course of this semester. You were always patient and happy to help, and you’ve given me so much responsibility which really allowed me to learn. A great part of what I learned over this term has been thanks to you and your effort to make me feel included and valuable. From our countless drives to Torbay and downtown, I’m glad we got time to chat about podcasts and books and life. You’ve been such a huge part of why I loved my work term so much!

Michelle, what started out as cubicle buddies has blossomed into a friendship; I am so happy to have made a friend from work that I can hang-out with on the weekends, and who enjoys vegetarian food almost as much as I do. You’re always there to help with all of my computer issues and the endless RedTeam questions, and your motivation and leadership motivates me on the daily. You’re an incredible employee and Vigilant is so lucky to have you, and I’m so excited to come back and see you more in May J  P.S. please save me from studying and eat veggie burgers with me next semester.

Sheldon, you’re the WD-40 of the office (lol). You do everything and anything to keep the office running, and you’re always there to lend a hand. I’ve loved working with you this semester, and I’m going to miss your morning “wattya at bys” and the vigorous typing you always seem to be doing during lunch. As the big head of HR, thank you for the opportunity to continue my journey with you guys, gonna miss you!!

Todd, you have one of the warmest, most sincere hearts than anyone I’ve ever met. You’re always happy to help no matter the task, and you’re freakishly good at LITERALLY EVERYTHING. I haven’t seen a thing that you haven’t been able to do or figure out yet… Please teach me. Thank you for making this semester so great! 

Holly, you are one of the smartest women I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with, and you’re an incredible role model for me as a young female engineer. I can’t wait to learn more from you and attempt to become half of the estimator that you are. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and receiving not only work-related advice, but life advice too. And don’t forget that you, me, and Michelle are going for sushi soon!! 

*** side note this is way longer than I intended, I hope you’re making your way to the bottom and haven’t quit yet ***

Ian, you’re always so helpful for any random or stupid question that I have. You’re so knowledgeable in such a wide variety of things. I’m going to miss your sass and poking fun at each other every day. I’ve had such a laugh this semester with you. P.S. I’m going to respectfully enjoy my last day having seniority over you J Unfortunately you will surpass me when I go back to school… also, sorry for forgetting your Christmas card.

Lloyd, I wish I could have worked more closely with you throughout the semester but I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to work with you when I did! Your stories are always appreciated, and you’ve got so much wisdom that I hope to learn from. I’m looking forward to coming back and learning more from you!

Krissy, I wish I could have seen more of you this semester, but I hope to do so in the future! You always bring a smile to the office and I look forward to getting to know you better. However, one thing I do know, is that you’re really freaking good at musical trivia. Can’t wait to come back and work with you! 

Grant, you’re such an incredible PM, and you’ve been such a role model and mentor for me throughout the semester. I aim to become a project manager just like you; your productivity and speed is worth aspiring to, and I’ve rarely seen you without a smile on your face. You bring such an upbeat and positive energy to the room - I think we all feed off of it. I’m so grateful to have been given this opportunity to work here all semester and to come back and learn from you. 

Terry, please don’t make a comment about saving the best for last. I’m a broken record when I say how much I’ve enjoyed this term and how much I’m going to miss all of you. The company that you, Grant, and Lloyd have moulded is nothing short of exceptional. Your view on how a workplace should be run, and the way you manage all of Vigilant employees, is awesome. Changing the traditional way of doing things is exactly what we need, and I’m glad to be working in a place like this. We had a talk at the beginning of the semester, and I think about it all the time. You really put it into perspective that the sky is the limit at Vigilant. I really can do and become anything that I aspire to be. You made me remember what I went into engineering for, what I want out of it, and that I can be the big boss one day with the right mindset, the right work ethic, and a hell of a lot of work. Like I said in your card, you re-lit a fire that I forgot I had. I leave work with more energy than I come with, which is incredible. 

SORRY this has been incredibly long and I’ve repeated myself a hundred times, so if you made it to the bottom, hats off to you. 

Team, I am going to miss you, and be prepared to see me dropping in at random times, all the time. I can’t wait to come back!!! 

So goodbye, for now.

- Meg