A Concrete Way of Thinking

Well I’m starting my ninth week here at Vigilant and I can’t believe how fast time has been going by! Every day comes with a new challenge and opportunity to learn, and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. On top of the work experience, I’ve been lucky to have such a great group of people to spend the busy days with. From talking about food to pets to movies and books, every day is filled with laughter and (friendly) debates and positivity.

A team is kind of like building a foundation wall. Ian could probably write a cooler metaphor about an engine or a pump or something, but I’m a Civil so bear with me. The three major things you need to build a foundation wall are your concrete, formwork, and rebar. All three are completely different materials, with different properties, strengths, weaknesses, and purposes. Without your formwork, your concrete is going to pour all over the ground, and basically make a big hard mess of concrete without providing any purpose. Without the rebar, your foundation wall isn’t going to be very strong, and it’s going to be susceptible to failure. Lastly, without your concrete, well… you know where I’m going with this. Similarly, every member at Vigilant is unique in their own way and bring a different edge and attitude to the team. Without each and every individual, Vigilant would not be who they are today. Every member has their own strengths and weaknesses. Standing alone they’re all great in their own way, but together, they form a solid, strong, useful base.

I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with so many things in the last eight weeks.  Mark has been an incredible mentor, helping me learn and challenging me to be better every day. I’ve learned so much about project management from him, Grant, Holly, Lloyd, Ian, and Todd, in addition to the business side of things from Terry, Michelle, and Sheldon. My only wish is that there were more hours in a day.

Well I just spent an incredible weekend in Halifax visiting friends, so I’d best get back to work! Until next time! 

- Megan