A Permanent Obsession

Vigilant has already turned me into a person who I thought really only existed in movies and fictional pieces - a person who... loves their job. Even just typing those words and meaning them is a strange phenomenon to me. I almost can't believe that it's a real life possibility.

I noticed this magical experience was something I was living through multiple occurrences. When my friends would ask me to hang out on a Friday night, it took everything in me to say yes. I would tell them I was too tired from working all week and just needed to relax. They would call and text me begging me to come out, advising me it would be a nice break from the "exhausting" work week I convinced them I had. When in reality I was searching the Google Drive and researching old projects. All I wanted to do was lay in my bed, eat all dressed chips, creep Terry on twitter and learn the ins and outs of Vigilant (sorry Terry that's probably weird). 

I'm taking a course over the spring semester. It's Microeconomics, I think. It honestly could be Macroeconomics; I wouldn't be able to tell you. Every time I sit down and hype myself up to study and read, one thing leads to another and I'm doing an ITP check sheet for Jason. However, wanting to laze around on a Friday night and NOT study are two typical occurrences for me. The epiphany that I truly love what I'm doing developed from a comment made by mom.

It was a Wednesday, gross day outside, of course. I don't think I actually need to include that fact because I'm sure it could be inferred by the simple fact that it's Newfoundland. Anyways, it was gross outside. Over supper my mom asked me my plans for the night. "It's gross out so probably nothing, I have some work to finish up anyways." Her reaction immediately was a little bit of confusion, but mostly worrisome." Chelsea, how much work could you have? You're only a first work term student and you come home every night on that laptop of yours slaving away at your work."

It was at this very moment that I realized no one really understood what was happening. I guess because it's a foreign thing in today's society. Or maybe because I worked a part time job and complained more than I'd like to admit.

A slow smirk formed across my mouth, "Mom, I don't HAVE to do work, I just want to. Work is fun and I enjoy it."

My mom always told me I go through phases of obsession with things. I ate a grilled cheese every day for probably two months. I listened to the song "Passionfruit" by Drake every possible second of every day until one of my head phones broke. I mean I still listened to it through the one working head phone just as much but that's beside the point. My new obsession has become Vigilant Management.

I love the learning atmosphere Vigilant provides me with. I am genuinely excited to finish each task, just so I can be presented with a new and slightly more challenging one. I look forward to not only learning, but making mistakes. I value the time everyone willingly takes out of their day to help me. I am grateful for the constant lame jokes about how young I am and "oh how the times have changed." Overall, I am beyond thankful to genuinely enjoy my job, and to have found a new, much more permanent obsession.

- Chelsea