Leaders Eat Last

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

When I first started my work term, I was given a list of over ten books read, so I decided it was only fitting to summarize my experience at Vigilant with a quote from one of my personal favorites, Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek.  

The quote above made me realize that every day from when I started work, until I went home, I was surrounded by a room full of leaders. To me, leadership is an interesting concept. It doesn’t have to solely be the top executives of a company, leadership can be demonstrated through all levels of employees and if I’m going be the definition above, I can say with confidence that everybody in the office shows some form of leadership because they have all inspired me to learn more, do more, become more, and yes… even dream more.

Adam has taught me to always approach things with a positive outlook and see the best in every situation.

Michelle, although I never worked with her in the office, served as a mentor for me and was eager to help with any questions I had.

Sheldon taught me great interpersonal skills when we conducted the interviews together for the engineering students.

Jason showed leadership since his first day of work when he stepped up and fixed my flat tire and came along to the mechanic with me. Not to mention all the tips I’ve received in everything from Ski Trekking to Camping at Gros Morne.

Mark has taught me an array of things, from the political situations going on in the world to the “best movies of all time”

John has taught me all about the world of video games, always being willing to share his computer with me so I could get in a game of Overwatch. He also taught me all the reasons why I should never go to Brazil. LOL!

On my first day, I was told that “Todd is good at everything” and after four months, I agree. Todd has been in a leader in numerous aspects of project management.

Nicole has shown me the ropes in the world of leasing and business development as well as becoming a friend who now shares my love for bubble tea.

Grant, although we never spent a lot of time together, shown me what a strong work ethic looks like as he was always busy with work coming and going with a strong focus.

Lloyd showed me what it means to treat all people with compassion while still knowing how to be assertive in the right situations and not let anybody mess with you. One day I wrote down on a sticky note something I liked that Lloyd said…” You get more with honey than you do with vinegar.”

Last but not least, Terry has shown me how a company should be run. An office culture like Vigilant doesn’t just happen, it is a strategic process that starts with leadership.

Although, all the things I have learned may not have been directly related to my job, they have all been beneficial and have taught me something unique about each of my coworkers and shown how in that moment each of them acted as a leader to me.

I am going to miss my time as Vigilant.

I will miss the matches of Overwatch.

I will miss our birthday celebrations at Boston Pizza.

I will miss the milkshake rewards.

But most of all, I will miss seeing all the people I became friends with every day.

I am sad to have to part ways, but at the same time I am excited. I am excited because I now feel inspired to start my dream of becoming an entrepreneur with my own clothing line that empowers females. I am excited because I now have all these new skills to take with me and apply to the real world. And moreover, I am excited to become my own version of a leader.

- Laura