People Before Profits

After working at Vigilant for almost two months, I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of how things work around here.  I can confidently say that Vigilant is a unique place to work and has a work environment unlike any I’ve experienced before. However, I must admit that I was a little confused at the start and wasn’t exactly sure how I was supposed to go about my day. Lucky for me, I discovered that the learning curve here is very steep and everyone in the office is more than willing to help. I can remember the feeling I got when I walked into the office on my first day, and I think the reason this memory is so vivid is because it didn’t feel like I was walking into an office. It felt more like walking into a house filled with ten of your best friends. From that day forward there was no doubt in my mind that these people didn’t just look at each other like coworkers, but as family- The Vigilant family.

Flash back to day one...I was a bit stressed out because I felt like I had a million little things to remember and didn’t know where to start. I then decided I needed to figure out an approach to best tackle them, so I went to Chapters and bought myself this cute little planner that says “I am very Busy” and just went with it from there. Sometimes you need to be thrown in the deep end from time to time to be challenged and to grow as a student, and this is exactly what they do to me here. Now, I feel as though I’ve adjusted to the chaos and managed to make a routine of things. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Mail Days, Tuesday is Grocery day (Gotta get that 10% student discount) and Thursday is bank deposit day. This is just what I figured works best for me, but different things work for different people and that’s what makes Vigilant a great place to work. Nobody here tells you how, when, or even where to do your work. It’s all on you, but it surely seems to be working. When you enable people, and provide them with a positive environment and the resources that they need, the results will follow.

I feel as though my time at Vigilant is slowly ruining me, but in the best way possible if that makes any sense. I can’t imagine another work term that will encourage me to play video games at lunch or treat me to McDonalds on the occasional Friday. I believe the strong values that Vigilant holds is exactly what all businesses need and if all CEO’s had the mindset of Terry, the corporate world would be a much better place. And to all the business owners out there, I challenge you to put people before profits and see what happens. Actually No. I don’t just challenge you....I dare you.

- Laura