Anything But Grey

Last week, Terry asked me how I was feeling.

“Oh pretty good!” I said, after having just returned from volunteering to pick John up from the car dealership. I knew what Terry meant, but I didn’t know how to answer.

So I dodged the subject: “I feel happy, my work term report is coming along, and driving John was a nice breakup of my morning. Thanks for asking!” or something along those lines. Terry wasn’t really asking about my day, his consoling tone and imposing curiosity spoke to me that he was really asking how I felt about my time at Vigilant.

I hesitated, I never really thought about it ending. I got caught up into the routine. Wake up, show up to work and talk to everyone about the silly things we did in between working hours, do work, play Overwatch at lunch (Thanks Terry), work again and go home. It seems mundane, it seems like any other job, so it’s easy for people on the outside to think there’s nothing special going on between our grey walls. But over the past week I’ve realized that the opportunity that I’ve been given at Vigilant is anything but grey.

Between our grey and white walls is that touch of orange that makes us who we are.

There’s an energy where I work that I am proud to be a part of. It’s hopeful, it’s energetic, it’s positive, it’s truly me. A collection of the little things that are just done right, make me want to leave my bed, and be excited to come to work.

It’s Mark, who is always excited to make conversation with you and is interested in how you’re doing; it’s Todd, who is somehow good at everything and remarkably humble throughout; it’s Sarah, who will be the passionate first to remind you that we do things “The Vigilant Way”; John, my Dad Joke partner-in-crime; Grant, who always keeps everyone and everything under control; Sheldon, the last to leave every day to make sure everyone is taken care of; Lloyd, whose pride in this company is as moving as his wisdom; and Terry, who I see as the perfect wrapping paper for this gift of a company. Working around the best people really makes the best job even better – hell, it can even make the worst job bearable.

But this was far from the worst job that I’ve ever had. People in the office don’t see, but when I am not in the office, I search for every opportunity to talk about work. I tell people about the actual, valuable work experience that I am getting, the fact that I am valued as a real member of the team, the fact that it doesn’t matter if I show up a little late or leave a little early, the conversations that we are allowed to have, the random acts of kindness from Terry for us, the company events that we’ve had, and the overall support that we all give each other.

So, to answers Terry’s question about how I feel about leaving, I am going to be sad for a little bit, yes. What I am really going to feel is confident. From this work term I now know that I made the right decision with my profession, I feel prepared for school year ahead, and I have regained a certain swagger that I have been missing for a little while. If the stars align and it will be possible for me to come back, I would not hesitate to accept the invitation, but if they don’t, then I certainly have no complaints about my summer of 2016.

So this blog post is just a really long way to say - Thank you Vigilant Management, for doing everything right. I hope to see you all soon.

- Adam