The Movies at Noon?

This past Wednesday, most people at around 1:30 p.m. were either at work, on lunch break, or just getting back from lunch break. Similar to most week days, the majority of people were cooped up in their office, working diligently until 4 or 5 when they could finally go home. On this particular Wednesday, however, everyone at Vigilant was not in their office chairs. In fact, we all went to the Avalon Mall to visit the Scotiabank Theatre.

Going to the movies on a Wednesday means three things to us:

  • One, the new Star Trek in 3D won’t be too busy (which it wasn’t), and it’ll be easy to grab some good seats;

  • Two, the company that we all know and love has purposely scheduled 3 hours out of our work day to watch a movie and get some free food; and most importantly

  • Three, we have successfully raised the $10,000 needed to give our Wish Kid, Grace, the trip she’s dreamed about; a vacation to Greece.

We are all so lucky to have been a part of something so important, and finally all of our efforts have come to fruition. Thanks to the support of everyone at Vigilant, and so many more that we could not even begin to name, we have successfully reached our goal. To everyone that has donated money, time, or even thought, we all sincerely thank you. It would not be possible without the support of so many people that have answered our constant (and probably annoying) calls for events, donations, or even general awareness.

Although we all “sing the Vigilant tune” rather frequently, there aren’t enough good things to say about the culture here. Quite simply, people here care, and that’s why we were able to do the things we have for the Children’s Wish Foundation. It’s also why we all won’t shut up about how great it is to work here. We love Vigilant, and Vigilant loves us back - which is why we got to see Chris Pine’s handsome face stick out at us in IMAX 3D.

Going to the movies on a Wednesday afternoon is an obscure and almost ridiculous thing for a business professional to think about. But at Vigilant, it means so much more than that. We hope you enjoy your trip Grace - you deserve it. 

- Sheldon