Take Two?

As I have said so many times before, Vigilant Management is most definitely one of the BEST places to work. The laid-back atmosphere combined with people eager to complete tasks to the best of their ability makes work days seem shorter, not to mention more enjoyable. After spending last summer here, Terry and the Vigilant Team were willing to take me back for another work term. I was welcomed back into the office and I have to say, walking through the door to see the Vigilant Management logo on the wall in front of me again was great! It’s an awesome feeling to know that I am a part of such a wonderful company.

Working with new faces and some new projects, I’ve been enjoying myself just as much as I did during my last work term. It has been interesting to see how projects I was involved with previously have panned out. Some are still ongoing, requiring some catch-up on my part to figure out what has been done and at what stage we are in the project presently.

Over the summer, I spent a good chunk of my time visiting different construction sites. The construction phase of most of the projects we were involved in had already begun. This term, I have seen a completely different side of the construction process. Instead of going to site and preparing site visit/progress reports, I have seen just how much planning and preparation is required to get a project off the ground. It sometimes requires studies to ensure that what the client desires is feasible. It requires several meetings to ensure we, as the Owner’s Representatives, fully understand the needs of each client. It requires the tedious preparation of specifications and drawings as well as the tedious review of these documents to ensure there are no missing pieces that could cost the owner additional money down the road. These are just a few of the critical steps to actually get a project to the construction phase. It has definitely been useful to get to see and understand this part of the process.

As the construction season approaches, I’m sure the last month of my work term will be super busy. Between project related tasks and other research tasks, there hasn’t been a dull moment so far - and I’m sure that won’t change now!

- Erin