Four Months Isn't Enough

I haven’t been very good at keeping up with my blog posts, but that’s just because I’ve been too focused on my exciting work. There is only one month to go, and I can truly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the last three. So much so, that you may just hear from me again in the fall.

Thinking about my future work terms, I have trouble imagining being anywhere else. I love my current schedule, the work environment, the people, the location, so why give that up? As a conversation earlier this week mentioned - the me at Vigilant is the me at home. I never have to act a certain way to try to be accepted or to fit in. I know I am appreciated for who I am - that’s why they hired me. I know I wouldn’t be happy in a workplace that is not as relaxed - a normal corporate culture would exhaust me. 

So, I think I’m going to stay. The opportunity has been kindly offered, and after much consideration, I really think that it is the best choice for me. Not only will I continue to be taught by the best, I will be able to enjoy all aspects of my life. Waking at 6 AM, driving 45 minutes to a huge office building only to sit in an isolated cubicle and hope for some odd jobs to be handed to me until 5 PM, just does not appeal to me. At Vigilant, I am well rested, I am engaged in my tasks - and they are actually important - and I can accommodate any events that come up in my schedule - if I need to leave early, I’ll just finish the work at home later. If you were used to such a lifestyle would you want to give it up? I didn’t think so. I’m sure that there are other fine employers that have fine workplaces, but from my research, nothing is jumping out at me. I don’t consider myself a very average person, so an average work term is not something I’d be satisfied with. 

Aside from the day-to-day comfort, I also know that Vigilant will continue to push me out of my comfort zone. They recognize my potential and are willing to invest in me. My interests are important to them and they want to help me explore them. I consider myself very lucky to have found such a great support system so early. 

Nothing is finalized yet, but I feel as though the chance of something else popping up is very slim. Either way, no matter where I end up, I’ll always be a part of the Vigilant community, and that’s pretty cool.

I’ll keep you posted,