Getting Started

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I am one of the new co-op students working at Vigilant this term. I am a mechanical engineering student and this is my first work term. 

When I was applying for positions this past fall - the first time I had ever done such a thing - the Vigilant job add stuck out to me. It was different. Even in a couple short paragraphs, I could tell that these people cared about their work, and that they’d care about me. And after one month of being on their team, I can verify that both of those things are correct. 

Vigilant Management didn’t happen by accident. It has been thoughtfully and carefully developed to benefit project owners and to ultimately make the construction industry better. This is the focus behind everything that Vigilant does. The employees live and breathe this goal. I love that. These days, it can sometimes be hard to find an honest company that isn’t all about profit, one that truly puts clients first. This is what makes Vigilant different and it’s what makes me proud to be a part of it.

Every day at work - or at home when I’m working (it’s awesomely flexible like that) - I feel comfortable and supported. There is always someone willing to help with a task, give advice, or just have a chat with. I am trusted to complete important project tasks, and my input is valued - not every work term student can say that. I am very lucky to have such great opportunities to learn and experience new things, while being encouraged to have fun along the way.  

It’s been great so far, but I’m only getting started. The big thing coming up this week is the first major fundraiser for this year’s Exile Island challenge in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation. Orders for 600 cupcakes were placed so there is quite a lot of baking ahead! This will raise $750 which is a great start toward our $10 000 goal. 

Keep an eye out for future opportunities to contribute to this cause, and also for more posts from me about my Vigilant experiences!

Bye for now!