Nope, We Don’t Laugh Here

It’s late November, how can that be? It’s been almost three full months since I've returned to Vigilant, but yet, it feels like I just got here. The past few months have been hectic! Thinking back on the last few months made me realize that my decision to return to Vigilant for a second work term was indisputably, the right decision. You see, there’s something quite special about jumping right back into the Vigilant world, and it’s both challenging and rewarding.

I returned in September and since then we have celebrated numerous birthdays, laughed uncontrollably, hosted random pizza parties just because, and hit goals and milestones we’ve never before reached. It sounds like all fun and games because, it is. Work can be fun! That’s not to say that we can’t be serious when we need to be. When you cultivate the right team, such as Vigilant has done, you can alter an industry and enjoy life, all at the same time. Amazing, right?

My role here can sometimes be as simple as making sure there’s always ground coffee on hand (we may be addicted), or as complex as helping produce and deliver a RFP response on time. Everyday is different, and there is always something new to learn! Something that I love about business and HR is the idea of making people even just a little bit happier about going to work in the morning. Recently, we ordered Vigilant hat’s for the team. You know it’s getting cold, and we needed a little something to warm our heads. I for one, was very excited for them to arrive, but it was even more fun handing them out and watching everyone else be just as excited as I was. I know we will all be proudly sporting them this Winter! Making a difference in someone’s work life can be as simple as saying “hey, you did an awesome job today”, or even just making sure that there’s that good coffee on hand sometimes (we’re definitely addicted).

Being back has made me think about how I got here. Recently it’s become much harder for students to find positions in cooperative education programs. I know that in recent years many organizations feel they can no longer take on another body, much less a student. Yet Vigilant has always, and continues to, take on students each and every academic semester. For this, I’ll always be grateful that they see the benefits in teaching students as much as we’re willing to learn. Students are an asset! Not only are we learning more than we ever would seated in a classroom, but these organizations are learning too. I realize that my situation may be different than most students on work terms (I mean, there can really only be one Vigilant!) because here, you’re not just another employee or student, you’re a part of a family. That’s just the Vigilant way!

- Michelle