Constructionist Manifesto

Starting my work term at Vigilant Management was a lot like having one piece left in a puzzle, I knew it was going to be a perfect fit. During my interview, I told Vigilant as a work term student I was trying to expose myself to multiple industries before graduation and Vigilant is proving to be a great place for me to be. Every day I find myself on one or two construction sites taking notes and addressing potential problems. In the office I’m reviewing drawings, reading specifications, and using CAD.

Looking back on the interview that led to my employment, there is one question that stands out. I was asked “If you were here by yourself and the only other person in the office was the President and there was an urgent issue that you couldn’t solve, what would you do?” Now this question seems laughable. There is no one at Vigilant Management who isn’t ready to talk and help me with any issue that I don’t feel I can handle by myself. I don’t just ask Lloyd if a specification should be included in the project document, I also ask him if he saw the Jays game. Coming to Vigilant after working for a company with over 50 000 employees is a real change of gears. It’s strange, but how it should be, that titles at Vigilant are formalities because in the end we are 13 professionals trying to change the construction industry.