Stilettos To Steel Toes - Summer 2015 - Part 7

Time is continuing to fly by for me. I did not think that I would get to experience so much on my first work term. The people here at Vigilant make sure that I am given as many opportunities to learn as possible which is great!

This past week, while Mark was completing a first aid course, I went with Ashley to some meetings that she had to attend. One of these was a meeting where Vigilant proposed a list of events and milestones to start up a new project. In the meeting, Ashley and Tina introduced the ideas they had come up with to get the project moving. From here, more conversation was sparked about the startup process.

One thing I learned from this meeting is how productive brainstorming can be. As we were going through Vigilant’s proposal, the client pitched in their ideas and more information to help finalize the steps they would take. We brainstormed new ideas for any steps that could potentially be ineffective. Brainstorming allows all parties to contribute their opinions and suggestions. In the end, combining several different ideas can lead to a solution that satisfies everyone. In this meeting, as everyone contributed their ideas, we were able to come up with a solution to get this project on track!

I look forward to having another information filled week.