Stilettos To Steel Toes - Summer 2015 - Part 6

It’s been another interesting week here at Vigilant Management! This week I got to try my hand at drawing in AutoCAD for the first time. Although I have used it to measure the area and perimeter of different rooms before, I haven’t used it to draw anything. I had to follow YouTube “how to” videos for some things. However, I found the quick tips from Vigilant’s project managers much more helpful! With their five minute tutorial, I was able to navigate my way through the program.

My task was to come up with different layouts for cubicles in an office. At first, I was simply using the “move” and “copy” commands to organize squares (representing cubicles) that had already been drawn for me. However, it was decided that a little more detail would be nice. So, with some pointers from Ashley and Mark, I added a desk and chair to each square to show the proper orientation of each cubicle in the room. By doing this, it was much easier to picture exactly where desks would be located to ensure there would be enough aisle space between them.

AutoCAD is an extremely useful tool in the construction industry for everything from designing buildings to designing water and sewer system layouts. Although I have still only dabbled my toes in this complex software, I’m becoming more familiar with it!