Stilettos To Steel Toes - Summer 2015 - Part 5

I can’t believe I’ve completed my fifth week of work here at Vigilant Management. I wish there was a “slow motion” mode I could use--I love everyday here. This week, from different conversations I have been involved in and from different meetings I have attended, I have learned how important it is to have a project planned out well.

Everything we do in life requires planning. You plan out everything from what you do on your next vacation to what you do on a daily basis. However, when it comes to construction and project management, planning is crucial in order to get the project to a final product. In this industry, there are uncertainties in everything you do: the ground you plan to lay a foundation on could be too unstable or weather could delay the delivery of certain materials you need.

I have learned that although these sorts of things are difficult to plan for, it is important that you prepare yourself for the difficulties you will face in a project. You need to have a plan for both the best and worst case scenario. If you are working on a project where you have ran into soil issues before and you need to do more excavating, it is important that you have a plan in case you run into these issues again. For example, if you are extending a building where soil was an issue during initial construction, you may want to plan for additional structural support for the extension. If weather delays the delivery of materials you need, it is important you have a plan to work around the delay. Perhaps complete other work that needs to be done and when the materials arrive, go back to working on that. If you have a “plan B”, it will help avoid delays in the project which is one of the most important things to ensure a client is satisfied.

With more projects set to start up this week, I’m sure there will be even more learning opportunities for me!