Stilettos To Steel Toes - Summer 2015 - Part 4

I believe that in the past month at Vigilant Management, I’ve learned more than I ever have in the same time frame. There are new experiences every day and I am constantly learning from the people around me. This week, I learned just how important it is to have everyone involved in a project working together on the same page.

From being a part of many teams and groups during my time in high school, I came to understand that communication and cooperation are keys to success. However, in this industry, the importance of these two elements is much greater. There are multiple companies involved in every project--from consultants to contractors and subcontractors. In order for a project to move along efficiently, on time and on budget, all of the people working together from these companies must work well with each other to achieve their final goal.

This past week, I gained an understanding of what makes a project progress the way it needs to. It takes a project manager who has a great understanding of the project and its background and who can also respond quickly to any project-related questions contractors may have. A successful project requires good leaders on site who can see where issues are arising and who can resolve them or find a way to work around them until they can be resolved. It also requires effective communication between project managers and site personnel to ensure there are no misunderstandings and to ensure contractors have all the information needed to make the project move ahead as scheduled.

My eyes sure have been opened to see the keys to success since I started work with Vigilant. I know the things I am learning will be useful not only during my time here, but in the future as well.