Buildings & Boardrooms - Part 2

Happy Monday everyone! Excuse me while I take a little detour from my Project Management spiel. This past Friday, a few of us here at Vigilant were interviewing Business students from Memorial University for an upcoming work term position.

As many of us know, interviews are generally very uptight, and look to match previous job experience with what the job requires. However, here at Vigilant, we do things a little different. Well, a lot different. During our interviews, we decided not to delve into job experience, but to get to know the real candidate: the one that would go home after the interview, interact with friends, and hang out on a Friday night. We decided that getting to know the real person would better let us determine whether or not the candidate would fit in with those at the office. Skills can be taught and strengthened, but you cannot change a personality, and to us, personality means a lot.

We asked the students many questions, including what their favourite movie was, who their role model was, and even asked them to describe to us a time when they had failed at something. However, our favourite question, beyond a shadow of a doubt, was this: “what is the most selfless thing that you have ever done?”

For most people, this question stopped them in their tracks. You could tell that the candidates were bewildered by the question, as I can almost guarantee that this was a question they had never been asked in an interview before. It was simple, really, but was something that not a lot of people have in the forefront of their mind.

Quite honestly, the replies we got were fantastic. Most gave us that heart-warming feeling and left us smiling, however, a couple even left me close to tears. Hearing what these students had done for others was just overwhelming. When we left the interviews, nothing could wipe that smile off my face. I just wanted to go out and do something nice for someone, just because I could.

Despite how quickly these students came up with their stories, it genuinely took me a long time to figure out what the most selfless thing that I had ever done was. However, when I finally figured it out, it was something that made me smile, and was a memory that I will forever cherish. So, for a Monday pick-me-up, take 15 minutes, and ask yourself:“what is the most selfless thing that I have ever done?”

If it’s something that you would like to share, I would absolutely LOVE to hear your stories! Send your stories or your thoughts on the topic along to @Vigilant_PM ( or to our LinkedIn (

I hope this picks up your Monday, as it has already done to mine.

All the best,