Stilettos To Steel Toes - Summer 2015 - Part 13

I can’t believe I only have a few weeks left to my work term! I have learned a lot so far and I am still excited to see what I will learn during my time left here. This week involved our usual site visits as well as meetings for the projects we are working on.

Something that really jumped out at me during these meetings is the need for consistency within the project management team on a project. A project manager needs to know and understand all aspects of a project. They know the history of the project like any running or recurring issues. They have important working relationships with people on site that enable them to communicate efficiently with the contractor.

When a project management team is reorganized, it takes time for the members to get up to speed on the project. They have to become familiar with the things that are happening with the project. When it comes to answering questions about the project, they may need to go back and search through minutes for meetings they did not attend which can take up valuable time. This delay, even if it is only short, could still delay progress. The new project managers need to get to know the site and the people working there in order to be able to communicate with them effectively.

Frequent changes in a project’s project management team can also lead to concern from the client. A client trusts the project managers to know a project inside out and to be able to take care of any issues that arise in a reasonable amount of time. If there are delays in a project, the client can end up paying much more in delay claims. A project manager’s job is to keep the project on track and on budget. With frequent changes in the project management team, this could be jeopardized.

With projects moving forward and another fundraiser planned, this is sure to be a great week!