Stilettos To Steel Toes - Summer 2015 - Part 11

Another week complete for me here at Vigilant. This week involved our usual site visits and tasks along with a code review meeting for a project we are working on.

Currently, we are managing a renovation project in an older building. The goal is to modernize the building, make it more functional for the client and make it accessible to everyone. Before they start any design work, the architect for the project conducted a code review to ensure the building meets today’s fire and building code. While conducting a code review, you look to see that things like proper fire protection (fire proofing, fire walls, fire rated drywall, etc.) is in place and that there are an acceptable number of exits for the number of occupants. These details are important to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building.

Once the architect had completed the code review, they met with us to discuss their findings. During this meeting, I learned how specific the building code can be. Things like entrance types and doorway clearances all have specific guidelines. Buildings that serve more than one purpose have to have a certain level of fire protection between occupancies which is determined by their purpose and size. It was valuable for me to see what types of issues can arise when doing renovations to older buildings.

With projects moving along and more meetings to attend, I’m looking forward to gaining more knowledge in the coming week!