Stilettos To Steel Toes - Part 17 (To Be Continued?)

17 weeks ago I began what I know now to be a life changing experience at Vigilant Management. After reading my first blog I wrote over four months ago, it is amazing to see how far I have come.

In the past four months, I’ve evolved as both an engineer and as a person. As an engineering student, I gained a significant amount of design and project management experience that I will use in the future. I worked on multiple jobs including septic tanks, churches, car dealerships, and more! After reflecting with a co-worker about everything I learnt this summer, I now realize how much new knowledge I possess.  

As a person, Vigilant has helped me further develop my soft skills. These soft skills are vital as a project manager is constantly dealing with people. As there are many people in the world with various personalities, you have to speak to people in a respectful and understanding manner. I believe this is the greatest skill I have learned.

In my first blog I stated “As an engineering student who loves interacting with people, this seems to be a perfect fit of my career expectations as a result of completing an engineering degree.” After four months in this field I realize I couldn’t have been more correct. Every day I used the technical knowledge I have acquired in previous work terms and at MUN. I also interacted with people every day. I thoroughly enjoyed using my technical knowledge to assist owners in making the best decisions for their project.

I would like to thank everyone at Vigilant for such an amazing and unforgettable work term! I wish nothing but the best for all of you in the future. It has been an incredible four months that I will certainly never forget. Until next time….

- Laura