Stilettos To Steel Toes - Part 16

Only one more week left here at Vigilant Management, I can’t believe how quickly the summer went! After attending various meetings over the course of the work term, I now know what makes a meeting successful.

The most important thing to do when running a meeting is to properly prepare. This includes determining the purpose of the meeting, the people required to be in attendance and any required props. If you know what you need to prepare and others need to prepare, the meeting will go much smoother. Required props can include laptops, paper, pens, etc.

Prior to the meeting, the project manager should create an agenda of topics that need to be discussed. This will help keep the meeting on track. In addition, the action items should be reviewed prior to the meeting to ensure that all action items are addressed or at least know the status of the items.

As the attendees are generally very busy people, it is key to ensure that the meeting will be within the set time frame. This is often difficult because topics generally create a discussion leading to further topics. As the person running the meeting, you are responsible for keeping the meeting on track.

With only one week of my work term left, I will be super busy trying to soak in as much knowledge as possible before it’s time to go back to school! Until next time…

- Laura